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#traildog THIR


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Those of us lucky enough to be the proud parents of Fur Babies know how quickly they become part of the family. We run with them, eat with them, go to the beach together and hang out like mates. They aren’t some auxiliary, satellite “pet”, but a legitimate member of a tightly-knit tribe. When they’re threatened we take personally and when they’re sick we worry about them as if they were our very own biological kid.

Our Little Man, Barkley the Vizsla, is in hospital as I write this. He hasn’t eaten or drunk for 5 full days and so he’s got Fluids and Nutrition flowing into his little body through tubes. He seems to be on the mend but isn’t out of the woods yet. We’re worried sick, as all parents would be, and will do whatever it takes to make him well again. Unfortunately, Pet Hospital Care is pretty expensive. That’s hardly a problem and, like I said, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring him home, but we came up with an idea to help pay his medical bills.

A custom THIRband for your Pooch to wear! (ok, you can wear one too!) Let’s celebrate the bond we have with our dogs and all profits will go toward Barkley’s medical bills. If you like the look of the THIR and feel like you’ll get some value from the exchange, that’s awesome. If you don’t, don’t, no problem, no pressure. We don’t want charity; that’s not the point of this, but a little help wouldn’t go astray!

Cheers, Tegyn & Kellie


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