Lysterfield Trail Runners THIR

Lysterfield Trail Runners THIR


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THIRbands are the perfect do-it-all addition to your running kit.  Head band, sweat band, key holder, emergency kit, dust mask, sleep-on-a-plane face mask.  What could be better?  WELL HOW ABOUT A CUSTOM-DESIGNED LYSTERFIELD TRAIL RUNNERS THIR???

This is the 3rd Custom THIRBand in our Trail Group Series and could be the sexiest yet!  The final design is still being worked on but you can rest assured you’ll be damn good looking.

An order for 120 units was sent to the factory on the 13th of August and is expected around the 13-15th of September or thereabouts.  Hopefully in time for the Surf Coast Century.  After these are sold, there’re no more.  Get yours or miss out!

But wait, there’s more!  $5 from the sale of each THIR will go towards a LTR nominated charity.  We know Depression has played a huge part in the culture of the LTR group and so in talks with Chris it’s likely that this donation will support mental health.  Yep, $5 from every sale! Or, put another way, 25% of the total value of each sale.

Our first batch of Surf Coast Trail Runners THIRs sold out and we’re currently pre-ordering a second run. The Brisbane Trail Runners THIR followed a similar trajectory.  Don’t miss out on your LTR THIR!

If you want delivery in bulk to your fearless leader, use the code “LTRDelivery” on checkout and choose free shipping.


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