Dandenong Trail Runners THIR

Dandenong Trail Runners THIR


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As part of our ongoing campaign to clad your noggins in sexy THIRs (and take over the world), THIR Australia are teaming up with DTR to offer a custom-designed Dandenong Trail Runners THIR.

THIRbands are the perfect do-it-all addition to your running kit.  Head band, sweat band, key holder, emergency kit, dust mask, sleep-on-a-plane face mask, pin-up prop…  What could be better?  WELL HOW ABOUT A CUSTOM-DESIGNED DANDENONG TRAIL RUNNERS THIR???  THIR has worked long and hard to help redesign the DTR image and slop it on a THIR band for your viewing pleasure.  We’ll even be helping with the new shirts!

This is the 4th Custom THIRBand in our Trail THIR Series and we’re finding it damn hard to decide which one to wear!  Then listen because there’s no two ways about it; wrapping your skull in a DTR THIR is the trail equivalent of smearing vaseline on the lens of your beer goggles while sucking down a few dozen oysters in a spa full of other sexy sexy people.

But wait, there’s more!  $5 from the sale of each THIR will go towards a DTR nominated charity. Yep, $5 from every sale! Or, put another way, 25% of the total value of each sale.



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