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Welcome to the first ever THIR Australia/Wildplans Newsletter!  In this issue we celebrate the release of our first ever, limited edition group THIRband, designed for Victoria’s Surf Coast Trail Runners (SCTR). This THIR, pictured below, was a team effort co-designed by Kellie and I along with Dion Milne and Matt Hosking of SCTR.

SCTR Aussie

The aims were to provide members with a useful, multifunctional piece of kit that strengthened the group’s image of “fun and community” while giving a rallying point and symbol of solidarity during runs and races.  Standing in a sea of SCTR Blue at the start of a race is an awesome feeling.

Members can now bring the #TrailLove on their heads/wrists/necks!

April SCTR inspired competition

For April our regular ‪#‎THIRBomb‬ comp will have a Surf Coast Trail Runners theme. If you want to win a THIR of your choice, simply:

  1. post a photo on our Facebook or Instagram page of you wearing a THIR and Photo Bombing an animal.
  2. tell us what trailrunning means to you.
  3. To be counted it must be posted on one of these pages and must be hashtagged ‪#‎sctr‬ ‪#‎thiraustralia‬ ‪#‎thir‬.
  4. Bonus points for wild or unusual animals, awkward situations and humour of any description.  Photobombing a Great White or angry Tiger snake is definitely not encouraged!
  5. Extra bonus points if you can tell us what the background image on the THIR packaging represents.

Brendan's #THIRBomb
Brendan’s winning #THIRBomb from February


Another #THIRBomb example

Dai Lon #THIRBomb

Gavin’s #THIRBomb, the March Winner (see if you can spot it!)



What’s next? They’re exciting times here at THIR Australia!  The ANZAC Ultra is a one-off running festival of sorts, from the 6th-12th of April.  Distances range from 75km to a wee little 450km jiggety jog.   Big Mumma THIR NZ has produced a whole lot of custom ANZAC THIRbands to help the race raise funds for the Legacy Foundation.


These donations help to support Legacy’s work providing services to Australian families struggling after the incapacitation or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service.  Please show your support by entering the race, donating directly to Legacy or help us to help them by purchasing an ANZAC Ultra THIRband and wearing it with pride!

These are available from the THIR Australia website for A$22.00 and shipping is free.

The Wonderland Run

The Wonderland Run is a new event from the Big Long Run, aka Rohan Day, organiser of Victoria’s classic trail races The Two Bays Trail Run and The Rollercoaster Run.  The course explores some incredible trails in The Grampians Ranges, Victoria and will inevitably become both a mainstay and a proving ground for trailrunners.

While Rohan’s runs normally don’t require a lot of mandatory equipment, the Grampians are a more remote and challenging environment.  THIR has been working with Rohan and Matt Bell to produce a batch of Wonderland Run custom THIRbands that will be provided to runners as part of their entry fees and that conveniently double as part of the mandatory kit.

For more information check out The Wonderland Run website ( and an album of photos we took during a recce we did of the course in January here:


For those of you who don’t know much about us, THIR Australia is Kellie Emmerson and Tegyn Angel.  The story of THIR Australia, like the story of THIR itself, began at the now-iconic Northburn 100 Mountain Ultramarathon.  Tegyn met THIR founder Virginia Winstone while running the 2013 100miler and they hit it off.  Kellie and Tegyn spent some time as brand ambassadors and then decided to take on the challenge of representing the brand in Australia.

Kel & Tegz

We’re both trail and ultra runners and love the fact that THIR distinguishes itself with its sincere, down-to-earth support of grass-roots events like the Northburn100, Wonderland Run, ANZAC Ultra, Surf Coast Trail Marathon, The Hillary and the Mt Difficulty Ascent.

In bringing THIR to Australia, our mission was two-fold:

Firstly, to maintain the cult status THIR has achieved in New Zealand through its support of local events, great causes, awesome people and crazy designs.  Our launch at the inaugural Surf Coast Trail Marathon was, in our biased eyes, the perfect way to get things rolling and this has continued with the release of the Surf Coast Trail Runners THIRBand.

Secondly, we want to bring colourful, innovative products to the Australian market which have been designed and produced with trailrunners, hikers, mountainbikers and outdoors-people in mind.  In essence, these are products for people like you and us.

We’re always on the lookout for other awesome products that align with this mission and we soon added Sweet Cheeks to our online store.  Sweet Cheeks is a range of natural skin care made in New Zealand by the inimitable Jennie Taylor.  We believe this is awesome stuff and happily, generously use it on ourselves.

  • Butt Butter Anti-Chafe balm to stop all that nasty friction
  • Hot Cheeks, a chilli-infused heat rub to sooth your aching muscles
  • Super Balm, a cure-all for slapping on your bruises, cuts and other nasties.
  • Hot-cheeks-product-pack


So what about Wildplans? WP is the mob behind THIR Australia.  We started down a very different path, one involving software and apps and all sorts of techie technology.Life, as it tends to do, stepped in and sent the development partners down different paths and so we pivoted the business, chosing to focus on what we love and know: taking people safely into, and out of, the outdoors.

A background in wilderness guiding, outdoor education, international expedition leadership and remote area first aid (and a hefty chunk of personal trail and ultra running experience) means we’re very well positioned to deliver safe, professional, full-service trailrunning tours and expeditions.


_DSC4584Trailrunning Tour in Patagonia’s Torres Del Paine – Now accepting bookings here

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  1. Dion Milne

    On behalf of the SCTR we feel privileged and honoured to be the first of what hopefully becomes many group THIRbands.

    The ease of which the custom THIRband came about was ridiculously easy and stress free from concept to design to delivery we have enjoyed working with Tegyn and Kellie.

    We might have underestimated just how cool they would look.

    See you on the trails looking sexy in your SCTR #TrailLove THIRband.

    Dion & Matt


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