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The story of THIR Australia, like the story of THIR itself, began at the now-iconic Northburn 100 Mountain Ultramarathon.  Tegyn met THIR founder Virginia Winstone while running the 2013 100miler and they hit it off.  Kellie and Tegyn spent some time as brand ambassadors and then decided to take on the challenge of representing the brand in Australia.  We’re both trail and ultra runners and love the fact that THIR distinguishes itself with its sincere, down-to-earth support of grass-roots events like the Northburn100, Shotover Moonlight Marathon, Hillary Trail Run and Wild Earth Ascent .

In bringing THIR to Australia we were determined to maintain the cult status THIR has achieved in New Zealand through its support of local events and crazy designs.  Our launch at the inaugural Surf Coast Trail Marathon (a new trail race along the picturesque Surf Coast Trail between Torquay and Fairhaven in Victoria) was, in our biased eyes, the perfect way to get things rolling.  In 2015 we’ll again be sponsoring the Icebug Surf Coast Trail Marathon, along with the Afterglow twilight trail run and the inaugural Wonderland Run.

Our Mission is simple. We want to bring colourful, innovative products to the Australian market which have been designed and produced with trailrunners, obstacle course racers, hikers, mountainbikers and outdoors-people in mind.  In essence, these are products for people like you and us and we’d be honoured to have you by our side at the start line!


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